Providing an open reference for a 50-seat hybrid-electric aircraft configuration, including top level aircraft requirements, mission specifications and figures of merit;

Development of innovative models, methodologies, open datasets & tools for evaluating the feasibility & multifidelity trade-offs of architectures & key technologies;

Development of an open-source Common Research Model (CRM) for electrified aircraft & propulsion for the universal integration, benchmarking & assessment of future technologies, architectures, designs, models & policies in the field of electrification; 

Development of energy storage models & pack solutions suitable for hybrid-electric regional flight up to TRL3;

Development of propulsion related energy harvesting technologies up to TRL 4 and thermal management integration solutions and models up to TRL 3/4;

Development of roadmaps for technology and regulation for a hybrid-electric regional aircraft and for future European demonstrators in this market segment.