About us

Cranfield University is one of Britain’s largest centres for postgraduate teaching and applied research, and is the leading British university in terms of its income from industrially and commercially funded research. The academic and research staff work both nationally and internationally on research and development for the benefit of some 1,500 organisations each year, seeking to enhance economic development and to achieve a better global environment.

Positioned between traditional universities and business and industry, it combines the academic rigour and long-term perspective of a university with the commercial and business focus of industry. The university undertakes a full spectrum of research from basic through to application in order to serve society and inform our teaching. Cranfield’s aim is to transform all its knowledge to practical application. This is mainly achieved through the work of its students and through its work for sponsoring clients. The academic work of the University is delivered through four Schools:

  • Cranfield Defence and Security, Shrivenham
  • School of Water, Energy and Environment (SWEE)
  • School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing (SATM).
  • School of Management
Key assets for the project

Cranfield brings the expertise in Model Based Systems Engineering multidisciplinary design optimization and decision-making, as well as expertise in hybrid-electric propulsion systems and their thermal management. Cranfield will develop the design methodology and contribute to the mission priorities and energy management strategies. Furthermore, they will perform the technoeconomic and risk assessment of the architectural concepts and develop an open-access software platform to facilitate the decision-making under uncertainty supported by Machine Learning techniques, and the orchestration of computational and experimental studies. This will produce important information that will help identifying the roadmap for key enabling technologies. Finally, Cranfield will be a member of the project coordination team.